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Complimentary meditation recordings guided for you to enjoy and share. Let me know what you think and what you'd like more of in the comments below...

Loving Embrace: 

A Meditation on Acceptance 

Pregnancy Yoga Nidra

A soothing meditation journey, guiding you towards accepting yourself exactly as you are. This is a supportive practice for those moments when thoughts, feelings and sensations in the body can be challenging to be present and kind with.

Naseem tenderly guides you back home to your innate softness and compassion.

Enjoy this comforting practice and allow your whole being to be bathed in loving presence. 

This nidra guides mama and baby together through a deeply embodied relaxation. Allowing mama the time and freedom to connect to the miracle growing inside of her, awaken her lion heart and deeply surrender into the power and creational force of her womb and yoni. It's a great practice to work with regularly leading up to birth, helping to bring more consciousness to the deep bond manifesting into form and invite baby to work with mama during the birthing process.


Deep Rest & Guided Relaxation

Deep Rest & Guided Relaxation - Naseem Khakoo
00:00 / 00:00

A gentle guided full body relaxation with the support of music to soothe your soul and relax your entire being. Grab some cushions and a blanket, get cosy and let this track guide you into a deep rest.

Soft Warrior Meditation

Soft Warrior Meditation - Naseem Khakoo
00:00 / 00:00

A guided meditation for those moments when we feel pulled in many directions and its simply hard to prioritise self-love for ourselves. Allow yourself to be guided gently yet deeply into communion with yourself. Welcoming the penetrative softness of consciousness into your body space, and the deepening strength of love for yourself. A tender meeting of inner masculine and feminine.

Enjoy this sweet practice as your body and being feel prioritised, worthy, and loved no matter what.