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Saturday 21 March 2020

12.30 - 6 pm 

Spring Equinox is known to be an intensely pivotal moment of rebirth in our natural solar cycle. A symbolic and potent time of emergence whereby Nature can directly inform our bodies how to gently rise from the ashes of our winter cave. 

Join Naseem and group of dear sisters for a day-long immersion, embracing cyclical wisdom, uniting Earth and Body and birthing beauty through an embodied engagement in surrendering to our feminine essence. A noble and sacred passageway of immense creativity, awakening an intrinsic connection in our souls to the natural rhythms of Life.  

At this point in the Wheel of the Year, where nature is heavily pregnant with creativity, we observe a point of balance - light is equal to dark, death occurring alongside birth, nature has no objection to either and yet the polarities within us and around us rub strongly. This ceremony invites us to explore where we are objecting to the natural flow of life force, where our creativity may be blocked by inner imbalances that inhibit our continued growth and emergence into True Womanhood. 

We will spend the day in ceremony exploring practices and wisdom that support our journey towards embodied wholeness, honouring the longing of our hearts and setting powerful intentions, as the transition from the dark months towards the sun’s rebirth gets stronger. This will include movement through conscious dance, gentle touch, inner enquiry, open sharing, and ritual to anchor our intentions.

Let's celebrate our journey together as Awakening Women in wild play, deep rest, spacious silence, sacred connection and curious inner investigation. You will be held safely and guided simply, to allow an unfolding into the profound and fertile power as Woman.


£65 - Early Bird (if booked by 29 Feb)

£75  - Full Exchange

To book your place click here. You will be taken directly to the studios booking page. Booking is confirmed on receipt of payment.

Spaces are limited.

Contact Naseem to confirm your booking or if you are attending from outside the UK. ​

The venue is a cosy warm yoga located in Olney just outside Milton Keynes.

For a deeper understanding of the work offered and potential of this gathering's exploration please read Awakening As Woman.

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