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Awakening As Woman

Silent Retreat 2020


As we approach Samhain, the start of The Wheel of the Year, you are invited to join like-minded sisters, united in love, truth and sisterhood, for 2020's Awakening As Woman 7 day silent retreat. We will celebrate and honour our journey together as Awakening Women in wild play, deep rest, self-care, ritual and ceremony, spacious silence, sacred connection and curious inner investigation. You will be held safely and guided simply, supported in your individual and unique journey of embodiment, inviting a profound unfolding into the fertile power as Woman.

The wild and natural surroundings here on Møn offer significant medicine as we enter into retreat at this poignant juncture, over a full moon and beginning of a new annual cycle (Celtic New Year). A perfect opportunity to immerse in nature, return to source, and relax into the cyclical, elemental yet mystical nature of your body, life and being.

This retreat is for you:

  • if you feel a calling to bathe in the silent centre of your being and reclaim your sacred sovereignty as Woman

  • to embrace your darkness, brightness and wildness with a fierce willingness to Love yourself all the way through

  • if you long to transmute and deeply ground your sexual energy as ecstatic living presence

  • to courageously journey from brokenness to wholeness

  • to ground and embody the longing in your heart, and rest into harmonic resonance with the Earth’s hum, so that you may become a conduit for Her love; 

then you are deeply welcome to join this brave and beautiful tribe of sisters. 

There is a throne of ecstasy waiting to awaken within you. Come with reverence and bring your deepest most intimate prayers…

As we approach Samhain, the fire ceremony to celebrate the beginning of The Wheel of the Year and entry point into the darker months, you are strongly invited to be baptised in the infinite fire of creation, from where the gifts of your being can bloom! 


The retreat will take place in Anahata Retreat Center, located on the magical island of Møn, in the south of Denmark.

Møn island provides the perfect setting for this work to unfold. Her land is deeply feminine, offering a variety of soft and wild landscape, along with ancient mystical wisdom, that seems apparent to most people as soon as they arrive. The beaches are beautiful and forests so inviting. You cannot help but fall in love as you listen to the sweet, seductive song of this land! 

This brand new, cosy, tranquil and beautifully kept retreat centre is located close to the south coast and forest, offering stunning views of the sea and surrounding area. Our friendly hosts offer a very relaxing and comfortable stay along with plenty of outdoor space to enjoy! They offer single, twin share and dorm occupancy in bright, cosy and spacious bedrooms. There are plenty of brand new bathrooms on site, communal spaces for tea drinking, silent contemplation and resting, and a mobile handbuilt wooden sauna, that we will enjoy on the beach under the stars! 

In addition, all our sessions will take place in a stunning womb-dome temple space where the walls are lavishly decorated with images of the Goddess! 


From £570 / 4,990 DKK

*Early Bird Offer Valid until 1 May 2020*

Dorm (limited availability)

£570 / 4,990 DKK - Early Bird

£590 / 5,190 DKK - Onward

Twin Share

£620 / 5,440 DKK - Early Bird

£650 / 5,720 DKK - Onward


£770 / 6,740 DKK - Early Bird

£800 / 7020 DKK - Onward

To reserve and secure your place a non-refundable deposit of 1,350 DKK / £150 will be required.

Contact Naseem to book now

 **Spaces are limited**

Exchange includes:

  • 6 nights accommodation and hospitality;

  • 3 delicious home-cooked, healthy vegetarian meals per day;

  • teas, water

  • all workshops, classes, ceremonies, tuition

  • online integration and digestion support for 7 days after the retreat

  • a 10% discount on 1-1 mentoring post-retreat

There will also be the possibility to reunite the tribe and meet online for a post-retreat integration and digestion gathering.  

Arrival is from 12 pm on Monday and departure early afternoon on Sunday. Our retreat will commence at 4 pm on Monday.

Nearest airport is Copenhagen and the nearest train station is Vordingborg. The retreat centre is 1.5 hrs drive from the airport or 3 hrs via public transport.

Join the Facebook Event for up to date info.

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