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Awakening As Woman Imbolc Retreat Day

Awakening As Woman

Imbolc Retreat Day

Sat 3 February 2018

11 - 7pm

The Quaker Centre, Milton Keynes UK

This is an invitation into the deep, soft, vulnerable, powerful and joyful nature of our divine Womanly Essence. A call to like minded sisters united in Truth, to come together for the first 2018 full day immersion, to honour nature's natural turning of the new year; Imbolc. A symbolic time where after a long winter of introspection and cultivation, the earth gently begins to stir, to show signs of fertility and spring. A time to consider the possible birthing of that which has been harvesting inside of us during the dark months, into a manifested form.

We will spend the day in ceremony exploring practices and wisdom that support our journey towards embodied wholeness, honouring the longing of our hearts as the transition from the dark months towards the sun’s rebirth gets closer.

We will begin our gathering with a Cacao Ceremony, allowing the mind, heart and womb space to open and commune with the plant medicine as she gently, yet profoundly invites us to relax into her embrace, wisdom and guidance. Cacao as a ceremonial medicine, has the power to open up energetic pathways and tenderly reveal different layers of contraction and misunderstanding within our lives. Through her embrace we have the opportunity to look at what we discover from a new and fresh perspective; initiating a potential of great change and deep healing.

Cacao also gives us direct access to feelings that are normally difficult to embrace. The medicine, along with specific embodied practices offered on the day, will guide us into a deeply compassionate, vulnerable and open space where we may allow the light of our own love to penetrate deeply into the hidden crevices of our beings. Activating a profound and intimate process of inner and outer transformation. It is from this place of ever expanding fullness that we become true and mystical conduits for love and well being in our world.

Within this ceremonial container, the following practices will be offered as support for deepening during the day:

• A variety of embodiment practices
• Sacred ritual
• Prayer
• Conscious, Somatic Movement
• Conscious Communication/Sharing
• Meditation
• Contemplative Self-Enquiry
• Gentle Touch

If this calls to your brave and beautiful heart, then you are invited to join fellow sisters to celebrate our journey together as Awakening Women in wild play, deep rest, spacious silence, sacred connection and curious inner investigation. You will be held safely and guided simply, to allow an unfolding into the profound and fertile power as Woman.

£60 – Early Bird if booked by 21 Dec
£65 – 22 Dec onwards
(Includes Ceremonial Grade Cacao)

Spaces are limited and booking is confirmed on receipt of payment made payable to:

Miss N Khakoo
Acc no: 03428675
Sort code: 07 02 46

Contact Naseem to confirm your booking or to pay via PayPal. 

Retreat spaces are limited and non-refundable.

The venue is a cosy warm space, 5 minutes drive from Milton Keynes Train Station.

For a deeper understanding of the work offered and potential of this gathering's exploration please read Awakening As Woman.

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