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Living Rest ~ Mid Winter Dreamtime

Rest, Nourish, Enjoy

Sunday 13 December 2020

 2 - 5 pm

Join Naseem for a much-needed nourishing and blissful restorative afternoon as we move towards Winter Solstice, and rest deeper into our cosy Winter dream-scape. 

This cyclical seasonal juncture aligns us with the cosmic rhythm of rest. As we sink into the darkest point of the year, the underlying dormant yin energy becomes more naturally available to us, guiding us home to radical rest, stillness, and inward dreaming. As we attune more intimately to this rhythm of rest, we are naturally initiated into the subtle unknown mysteries of the dark. A time when our conscious and unconscious selves are at their closest communion.  

Join Naseem for an afternoon gestating in deep rest, nourishment, and quietude harnessing the beauty of deep Winter and natures invitation towards letting go, surrender and dreamtime. The perfect opportunity to listen deeply to the whispers of our soul and to that which awaits to be seen, healed, nourished and regenerated during the darker months. 

What to expect

Expect an afternoon of loving-kindness supporting the body, mind and nervous system peacefully in reconnecting to its natural state of stillness, quietude and joyful well being. From this space of deep rest, we begin to hear more clearly what the soul is longing for in this next cycle, as well as a deeper seeing of what blessings the past season has bestowed on us.

Within the restorative practice, Naseem will guide a mindful and slow sequence combining breath, meditation, simple stretches and longer periods of rest in restorative poses. The practice will be beautifully supported through the option of using handcrafted healing essential oil blends to encourage and inspire an opening of the senses, deeper connection to self and awaken the body's innate knowing. All of this accompanied by soothing, soulful sounds.

We will be working mostly on the floor with plenty of blocks, bolsters, cushions and blankets to support the body in its gentle surrender. The poses are simple yet potent and sometimes held for up to 15 minutes to support the drop deeper into a sense spaciousness and quietude. 

Take some time out for yourself, and sink into a nourishing afternoon designed to unravel your whole being into a joyful state of rest, relaxation and homecoming.

All levels are welcome.

**N.B. COVID-19 Restrictions apply. Due to current regulations, there are only 9 spaces available, following that names will go on a waiting list should there be any cancellations or changes in the regulations. 

What to bring

Due to regulations, you will need to bring your own props. This includes:

- yoga mat

- bolster(s)

- blocks

- strap 

- 2 blankets or more

- eye bag (optional) 


250 DKK - made payable via MobilePay or cash

MobilePay: 42531982

Contact Naseem with any questions or to book your place. 

Join the Facebook Event for up to date info.

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