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Loving Presence

Cacao Ceremony

An Invitation into True Compassionate Relating

Saturday 11 August

4 - 9pm

Yoganamnam, Stege, Møn, Denmark

As relational beings with open and tender hearts, we deeply long for connection, presence, love and intimacy with one another. We long to be met, understood, seen, heard and loved unconditionally no matter what our current state. This longing is not to be ignored, it holds a great deal of wisdom for us; shinning the light tenderly on all those places in us that long to be held in love, devotion and understanding.

Through relating with one another consciously, we begin to learn the profound healing potential of pure presence, acceptance and compassion. A powerful medicine that cracks open the doors to deep vulnerability and profound honesty. We begin to relax down through all the masks and protection mechanisms that take so much effort to uphold, into a place of true relating - human to human, soul to soul and heart to heart.

Here we feel met exactly as we are, without judgement, expectation or a need to fix anything. And ultimately through these precious moments of connection, reflection, and feeling deeply held; we grow in the possibility of being that exact same loving presence for ourselves. We grow in acceptance, compassion and love for all that we are as broken yet beautiful human beings.

The journey to wholeness is so much sweeter when we walk it together.

Ceremony Space

Join Naseem for a New Moon Cacao Ceremony where we will use this gentle yet potent medicine to open our beings to the exploration of Being Loving Presence, for each other and ourselves. Setting the intention together to grow as compassion through a commitment to meet in deep honest vulnerability, and from there learn to love all that we are.


The Ceremony will begin with sharing cacao and intention. Then moving into specific embodied practices that invite an opening into our own depths. Finally, to end, we will enter into a Tantric Transfiguration Ceremony offering the opportunity to meet each other eye to eye, heart to heart and soul to soul.

Following the ceremony we will share a warm and hearty meal together.

Mama Cacao

Cacao as a ceremonial medicine, has the power to open up energetic pathways and tenderly reveal different layers of contraction and misunderstanding within our lives. Through her embrace we have the opportunity to look at what we discover from a new and fresh perspective; initiating a potential of great change and deep healing.

If you are breast feeding, pregnant or taking anti-depressants, please get in touch prior to the event so we can discuss your dose. 

I highly encourage that for 24 hours prior to the event you adopt a supportive diet, that allows a gentle and easy assimilation of the medicine. It is recommended to avoid caffeine, dairy, meat/fish/poultry, alcohol, sugar, processed foods and any other stimulants. 

I look forward to sharing Her gentle wisdom, teachings, compassion and Her healing medicine together with you.


EARLY BIRD (until 29 July) - 300 DKK

350 DKK after

Payment made via PayPal

(includes ceremonial dose of cacao and a warm, nourishing meal)

Contact Naseem to book your place. 

Spaces are limited to create an intimate and cosy gathering.

Join the Facebook Event for up to date info.

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