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Divine Feminine Birthing Waves

A channelled message that came through in this mornings meditation whilst holding these strong birthing waves. Hoping it soothes the hearts and beings of those that need to hear it...


As the Divine Feminine is highly active at this time of shifting from one era to another, many of us are going through strong womb activations and awakenings.

The birthing contractions are heightened as we quite literally birth a new world through these incredible bodies. You may be experiencing womb/belly pain or cramping, bloating, fluctuations in digestion and appetite, lower back pain, joint pain, headaches, mood swings, angry, pressure, agitated, restless, exhausted, overly self-critical (for mamas who have given birth before these symptoms will sound familiar!)

Don't be afraid of your experience, nothing is wrong. You are being deeply assisted right now. The codes of the New Earth lie within your very own womb. The wisdom of the ancients and feminine masters are discovered through this portal. As we cleanse the karmic past and purify the ancestral lines we are literally being rewired at the level of our DNA, as new blueprints are forged within our cells.

You are not alone in this beloved. Your soul is being assisted and your sisters are together in this with you.

For a moment lean back and feel how held you are by all the Great Mothers. They are standing beside us in this time, holding our hands in the great Red Tent of the New Age. Isis, Hathor, Innana, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Tara, Kali Ma, Durga Ma, Freya, Sif, Artemis, Brigit. All here.

Recently I have been connecting with a few very dear soul-sisters and it is an incredible support to feel the togetherness and connectedness in what we're going through. The virtual world is bringing us together in ways we could not imagine allowing the world-wide-web of sisterhood to be felt, grow, and bring great nourishment.

You are always invited and welcome to lean into this space in whatever way calls your heart.

May this container be of ongoing support to us all. May Her voice speak through us all here. May we trust in our individual medicine. And may we thrive through these profound shifts and feel uninhibited in bringing forth the immense love within us into creative form.

Amen. May it be so.

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