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Rise of The Wild Feminine

Can I behold this pulse of raw Wildness within?

The Chaos

The Passion

The Rage

The Pleasure

The Depth

The Creativity

What would it take to become a container so steady, so wide, even when the intensity swells?

When pressure rises to the point of bursting, can I withstand the powerful eruption of these birthing waves?

To not let an ounce of this holy flame-filled nectar escape. Until it is channelled into love.

Sacred Water teaches surrender and flow, Father Air teaches expansion and lightness, Mother Earth teaches grounding and depth, And Holy Fire shows me how to inhabit the power of transmutation.

The spark of change ignited, the hearth alive, and there is that call again; To surrender to the fire. To become the burning, the burnt and the flames themselves.

The contractions of overwhelm come and go, ushering this next wave of life into form. I stand. In the centre of the storm. Until I'm drenched in joy. Soaked in pleasure. Blown to Stillness.

The Fire is strong but Her love is stronger.

A silent love that cuts straight through to the core.

And there... A glimpse of Magic. Rising with Grace from the rubble of Life. Unrecognisable to the human eye.

These wild bodies hold the keys to the elemental wisdom of nature. Its time to trust, to breathe, to allow. Even the wildest storm comes as a blessing to reveal our true nature.

She whispers: "You are more powerful than you know"

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