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Something Magical Happened...

So something magical happened, and I wanted to share it with you as it's down to many of you that it was even possible!

Back Story

I've been having treatment for Lyme disease for 7 months now, a bumpy ride with a lot of nasty flare-ups and generally feeling pretty horrific (which is apparently a sign it's working!) The NHS have very little knowledge of this particular autoimmune illness which means the only treatment they offer is 4 weeks of antibiotics. Which, if you're in the chronic stage, doesn't even scratch the surface of dealing with the infection ravaging the body. So the only option for Lyme patients is to explore alternative private treatments which are incredibly expensive and it's very hard to know how long treatment will take, for some a year for others many many years. Not ideal when you are unable to work.

Since being back in the UK I've spent thousands on my healing so far... my little stash of money I'd saved to start a new life back in the UK has now dwindled.

Trust & Surrender

One of the beautiful things about this journey is that despite the severity of my condition, not really knowing whether this condition is for life or just for now, the loss of so much basic function and my life as I've known it, - the trust in the process seems to be unwavering (most of the time).

There are deep lessons being learnt, and strength and willpower I didn't know I had in staying and surrendering with the process. From the beginning I have been determined to persevere and get well, there is an underlying force propelling the journey forward, my instincts have been clear (despite constant brain fog) and I'm willing to do what it takes.

Letting Love In

Another beautiful and life-affirming learning is that healing takes a village, and none of this would be possible without the help and support around me.

It is simply not possible for the human body to successfully untangle chronic illness without the much needed reflections of love, connection and stability from loved ones and soul family. The nervous system simply cannot realign and find a healthy balance without it. Connection and support are lifeblood. Vital. And even more so during times of adversity as we well know.

My advice to anyone going through it right now - let the ones that love you support you. Let them freely express and share their love, as it nourishes their hearts and souls too and frees up more love in the field. In a world of commodities, it's important to embody the knowing that love is infinite and breaks the chains of limitation that society needs us to live by. To be a receptor in that field is such a gift of serendipity, synchronicity and expansion. It's a shift in frequency that I'm quietly learning much about.

Next Steps

Fast forward to last month, I had booked in to see a new specialist who I'd heard great things about. My previous treatment protocol was ok, but I often had reactions to some of the medicine and it was becoming difficult to stay on regular doses without spiralling. Something better and more tailored was needed and a lovely lady came on my radar.

The first consultation alone was £350 and I had no idea that the first round of medicine I'd need to invest in would be double that.

Sweet Serendipity

The day after my consultation I received a sweet gift in the post with some of your names on and a message from my beloved friend Tierra telling me to check my bank account - I was literally in shock and speechless for days! - I found out she had been busy organising a fundraiser to raise funds for my treatment (along with help from another dear friend Felicity) and had contacted some of you here that she's in touch with.

Mind blown, heart blown, just utterly astounded by this generosity and kindness. The timing alone was magical. I was so touched that she had been so thoughtful to foresee that this was support I'd eventually need AND done all the hard work to make it happen. Truly a gift.

It gets better!

Tierra, who was living in Mexico, had put so much heart, thought and intention into the fundraiser. It included each donator receiving a beautiful handmade bag made by Mayan women supported by a not-for-profit based in San Cristobal de las Casas that supports indigenous & mestizo women with unplanned pregnancies & single mothers in situations of abuse, marginalisation & social exclusion. So every donation made supports these incredibly brave Mayan women.

Asking for financial support from my friends and community is not something I find easy to do at all, so this incredible gesture of humanity and kindness has really taught me so much.

This email is to say the biggest THANK YOU!

And acknowledge the kindness and care within this precious community.


Because of many of you, I have been able to afford to pay for and start a new treatment protocol which I've been on for two week's and I'm already seeing signs of improvement - managed my first yoga class this week (just about!) and have also been able to work on my computer for a few hours updating my website and putting together these newsletters which I've absolutely loved! It's been months since I've been able to work on my computer without dealing with a flare-up after, and I've so missed writing and being in touch with you.

Thank you from my heart to yours, for your love, support, prayers, sweet messages, keeping in touch, incredibly generous donations, hugs, cups of tea, lifts, walks, visits and kindness in so many forms. As someone who has forged her way through being in service and support to others, it is a HUGE (vulnerable and necessary) learning to let that support turn in on itself. So thank you again, for enabling the reciprocity and transparency of love and care to flow between us in its abundance. This is the stuff of true community. And I'm so damn grateful to be in this with you, learning, creating, being and growing together.

Tierra still has a few beautiful handmade items left so if you feel the call to participate, donate, and support the full details are below.

~ Tierra's Lyme Treatment Fundraiser for Naseem ~

Message from Tierra:

In April I got in touch with some friends of mine & friends & students of Naseem’s as I decided to organise a surprise fundraiser for her to support her through her challenging journey with Lyme disease. I have been living in Mexico for the last 10 months & brought back some beautifully handcrafted pencil cases/make up bags made by Mayan women that learn how to make them through a not for profit. It is based in San Cristobal de las Casas & called Hogar Comunitario Yach'il Antzeti. They support indigenous & mestizo women with unplanned pregnancies & single mothers in situations of abuse, marginalisation & social exclusion. They offer various workshops to empower women and one of them is to teach them the skills to make a living through craftwork.

You can click here to read more about what they do.

I still have some of these left & so if you live in the UK (or want to send one to somebody in the UK if you don’t live there) & are able to donate £30 then you will receive one & it would be amazing to raise some more funds for Naseem’s expensive healing treatments. Please email me at for payment details & send your address.

And if you are not able to donate the minimum amount for a gift then any amount will greatly be received, Naseem has a donate button on her website. Above you can see what the cases look like & each one has the name of the woman who made it inside.

Thank you to all those who have already supported Naseem, she is truly blown away by your generosity.

Love, Tierra x

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