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The Blacklight of Being

The secret mystery in the journey of embodiment is to arrive so fully into physical form that you no longer identify with form. The body no longer serves as a focal point as it has been fully integrated into love. And becomes free. Empty. Void of suffering, of identity, simply void. The body that you've been learning to love finally shatters into a million stars. Pure Blacklight of Being. An endless galaxy of infinite possibilities. Vast, mysterious and endlessly shape shifting.

Welcome the lightness of spirit as He longs to return back to the dark Cosmic Womb of matter (Mother). As these two lovers unite once again in the age old romance of cosmic creation, the body vessel becomes a portal to sing the mysteries of the universe into being.

Once you've signed up, declared your love and said a Full YES to the Female Faced She God she leads you down the most mysterious and dark path, you wont know whats hit you! Pain becomes a powerful pathway, physical, emotional, mental, ancestral. She will chew you up and spit you out over and over again. And when she does you simply won't recognise yourself. If you're lucky! The transformation is profound. On all levels. Uniting of all the bodies: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Dancing as one cosmic universe.

We become trustworthy vessels for all of creation as we grow in integrity, embodied trust and humility. And suddenly, like a spontaneous shooting star, the mind expands and we recognise the limitations in rational, logical knowledge. Finally now, the mysteries of creation can be slowly revealed.

Wisdom is not sought through books and studying, real wisdom is an unfolding of reality through the body space, whereby the polarities of existence stretch and shatter your rational understanding revealing that which is far beyond, subtle, hidden and silently shimmering in the dark.

Quite literally a returning back to magic and mystery and all that is utterly mystical.

It may take a while to figure out who you are minus the centuries of inherited pain and repression. Take your time, enjoy the discovery, revel in the mystery, you are being forged by Grace like a Cosmic Sword gifted by the Gods to assist the Earth Plane in her mastery. Let your mind open like a flower. Let grace fill your brain like river rushing to the banks. Let Her in deeply. She blesses you with Her annihilating force. The Tsunami of Healing is but only a chapter in returning home to the recognition that you are not only a drop but the entire ocean too.

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