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The Shadows of Sisterhood

Ok so this is a bit controversial ladies but I was up until the wee hours with the full moon, unable to sleep, with these words knocking to be written...

I'd love to hear your experiences...

I recently watched a series on HBO called Mrs. America, all about the Women's Equal Rights Movement in the US in the 70's (highly recommend by the way, episode 8 in particular was so damn touching!) and it was fascinating to feel the rebellious courage of these women moving wildly against the grain to stand up for what their hearts truly believed, despite the endless obstacles and challenges. Not at all dissimilar to the healing and empowerment work that we women are bravely moving through on a daily basis in these times. #sacredrebels

It struck me so deeply that women have been moving and creating change below the radar for centuries. The power, courage, dedication and connection to grace is undeniable whether you are fighting for equal rights or sitting in a womens circle working through your trauma.

But what also struck me is how the shadows of Hatred that lurk within sisterhood between women have also been there for centuries too... Yes Hate is a strong word but from my own excavations it is the most accurate description of the pain of separation that lies within us lurking in the shadows, not wanting to be seen or touched. (By the way this understanding is applicable for men too).

My intention in writing this is not to shame and blame us but to bring a sense of acceptance to this very real human experience that most of us have a very hard time acknowledging. (For those of you that know me well you'll know my passion to unearth what lies in the darkness so here goes).

As I see it, our learning within existence provides us with constant polarities, and to widen our view and the receptivity of our hearts to behold both ends of the spectrum within the space of our beings is an absolute gift in terms of our evolution towards genuine compassion within humanity. Light, dark, good, bad, right, wrong, high, low, open, closed, despair, joy, fear, intimacy, alone, together, rejection, acceptance, contracted, relaxed, beautiful, ugly, masculine, feminine, strong, weak, life, death. It is all a part of existence and the spectrum of human experience. And so just as there is Love so there is Hate. Allowing these polarities to arise within our field creates a constant rub within us that brings about an alchemical transmutation into a completely new and open state where all fluctuations of life can exist without objection, eventually landing in the realisation that both ends of the spectrum are valid and yet void at the same time. The Great Paradox. What part of life are we objecting to right now? Can we simply stand back and accept that this is just the state of things, and that's ok? That both sides of the coin can exist within us without buying into the belief of one over the other?

I know, it's hard to believe that Good and Bad can be embraced as truly equal, but trust me its absolutely possible! Once the paradox is understood, Good and Bad no longer hold any value and life is recognised as one constant stream. The birthing of harmony that comes through is so necessary if we are to envision a New Earth.

From this point of acceptance (and by the way it may take a shed load of courage just to get to this point and that's incredible in itself!) it becomes possible to work through this expression of our unhealed human state.

Hate is essentially one of the experiences within us that shows signs of inner division, separation from source, creation, God, our essence. And let's face it we are all often living in a state of separation so there is a fair amount of work still yet to do. But again, that's ok. That's why its incredible that conscious womens (and mens) work is peaking in this time, as the potential for human healing towards wholeness is calling us all stronger than ever.

We've had #metoo then #blacklivematter, and both movements are addressing the thread of discrimination, separation and hate that lies within existence in relation to race and gender. When a state of separation rises to the surface to be felt there is always the option to fight (right vs wrong) or we can bring this experience of separation home to the opposition that still exists within ourselves. What if we're to do both? It seems to me to be the only way to end the endless war within humanity.

This expression of Hate also exists between women. Which simply shows us we're not done with this thread of healing yet.

Can we truly say that we've never judged another woman? Compared ourselves to another woman? Looked down on another woman? Felt less than another woman? Felt judged or put down by another woman? (Hello mother wounding!)

These are in fact all natural daily experiences for many of us.

What if we were to allow this wound between us out into the open? Not to blame or pass more judgement but for the sake of acceptance and healing? Could this be yet another bridge that brings our sense of sisterhood even deeper?

How would it look if we all, with brutal honesty, brought this wound home? Recognising that the judgement, comparison, and hate has nothing to do with anyone else, (nor race, gender, or sexual orientation) but in fact a reflection of the hidden subconscious feelings that we hold towards ourselves. Towards our human state.

Self-hatred is the polar opposite of self-worth, and one of the biggest wounds that awaits healing in our journey of embodiment - is remembering our worth. To truly, whole heartedly come face to face with the infinite grace, power, joy and beauty that lies within each of us women. We all deserve that. Sovereignty is our birthright. We sense it, we long for it, we can even taste it. But it takes work to reclaim that which has been long forgotten within our cells.

Let's not be afraid to look deeply, to feel deeply, to get radically honest, not in a way that we drown ourselves, but steadily, with tenderness, kindness and the right support.

I believe its not enough to declare ourselves Anti-racist, all-inclusive, gender neutral, without looking up close at the pain of separation that lies within humanity and how that manifests within our own embodied experience. Each time we take ownership of that which is divided within us and give up the fight, it completely rotates how existence responds to us and Her all-inclusive loving nature becomes a living expression within our DNA. The war comes to an end.

It seems to be that Covid19 has cracked open wide collective trauma, giving us all much greater and immediate access to that which is tender and delicate within... And if we look closely we may see that our journey towards worth, being deeply worthy of love, lies at the core of this trauma.

We are on our way ladies, doing the work more intensely than ever. Looking up close and becoming friendly with all that lies dormant and in the shadows.

A few months back in the middle of lockdown I felt an urgency to hold a gathering called 'Medicine Woman' to address exactly this wounding. It was a powerful portal, exploring the links to the age old womb teachings that provide us with gateways for this direct healing and transformation. Thinking to hold 'Medicine Woman Continued...'

More on this later.

So damn grateful to be here with you wild wise women, thank you for your courage, commitment and for hearing the call of your heart. And for reading if you've made it this far.

And please know I am here to support in the best way I can, feel free to reach out whenever support is needed along the way beloved ones.

The sweetness of your being is endlessly worthy of the love your heart longs for.



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