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Summer Harvest Yoga Retreat Day
Move, Play, Rest, Nourish, Enjoy

Saturday 7 August 2021
 12.30 - 17.30

Teatre Møn, Borre

Join Naseem for a playful, nourishing and restorative day retreat on the beautiful island of Møn this summer.

Naseem will combine gentle Hatha, deeply surrendered restorative yoga, breathwork, music meditation and guided relaxation to create a sensual soulful journey designed to unravel your whole being into a joyful state of rest, relaxation and homecoming. The practice will be beautifully supported through the option of using handcrafted healing essential oil blends to encourage and inspire an opening of the senses, deeper connection to self and awaken the body's innate knowing. All of this accompanied by soothing, soulful sounds. There will also be the option to stay on for sauna and gus.

Take some nourishing time for yourself and enjoy an afternoon exploring movement, breath and gestating in deep rest and quiet celebration. Harnessing the beauty of late summer and the full potential of life force, as we listen deeply to the whispers of our soul and to that which awaits to be harvested before the cooler days arrive. 

Harvest Season

After a lively summer adjusting to new conditions, we reach the seasonal juncture and first harvest festival known as Lughnasadh or Lammas (a Celtic Festival and cross quarter-point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox).

At this point in the Wheel of the Year, nature is reflecting back the spirit of abundance and joyful celebration as Life reaches Her full peak. We are at a point of ripening; harvesting the jewels we have been nurturing into maturation since the springtime. As we bathe in the beauty and bounty of summertime,  these late summer days invite us to turn in and take stock, protecting and nurturing that which we have planted/initiated earlier in the year and taking a moment to celebrate and enjoy our own harvest. 

What is currently ripening in your life? What are you ready to harvest?

The Practice

The flavour of the sessions will be energising combined with nourishment, strength with softness, and movement with rest, to support an embodied journey of harnessing the flowing power of nature as an infinite resource.

The practice focuses on breathing our way back into an embodied state of being, through a variety of movement, meditation, and breath practices. An ongoing invitation to return back home, reconnect with the endless pool of wisdom, strength, and creativity, and as our listening and relaxation deepen so does our connection to the natural world and wisdom within. ​

The Schedule 

12.30 - Arrival

13.00 - Welcome & Gentle Hatha Yoga Play

14.00 - Special Harvest ritual & Music Meditation harnessing our intentions for the next cycle

14.30 - Tea break 


15.00 - Restorative Yoga & Nidra Journey accompanied by Essential Oil Medicine and self-massage

17.15 - Closing practice

17.30 - Option to stay for sauna and gus

All levels are welcome.
Spaces are limited to 12, so please be sure to book in advance.


We will be gathering in the beautiful dance/yoga space at Teatre Møn in the main house. Welcome to park on the road at the front of the teatre adjacent to the main road and as you enter the main house turn left and follow the hallway through to the studio.  

Klintholm Havnevej 52, 4791, Borre.

What to bring

Due to Corona Regulations, you will need to bring your own props. This includes:

- yoga mat

- bolster (bring 1 or 2)

- blocks

- strap 

- blankets (ideally 3 if possible)

- eye bags

- cushions (optional)

- sarong & towel for sauna (optional)

- water bottle to bring into the space (no cups allowed)


550 DKK

Made payable via MobilePay or cash

MobilePay: 42531982

Contact Naseem to book your place or with any questions. And please feel free to get in touch if you are having financial difficulty and would like to join at a reduced rate.

12 spaces available.

About Naseem

​Depending on what each individual may need, Naseem brings her extensive experience of Hatha flow yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, meditation, Yoga Nidra, pranayama, and deep relaxation together and crafts the perfect practice to soothe the mind, melt into the body and restore balance, harmony, and restfulness. 


The practice can be profoundly healing in opening up pathways for the mind, body, and soul to experience deep rest and relaxation; soothing an over-exerted nervous system, opening a tender heart and gifting the body and mind a chance to drop and turn deeply inwards.

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